[FREE] YouTube title and description Extractor / Inspector

The YouTube title and description Extractor tool enables you to see and extract YouTube title and description for any video. This is great for improving your own videos.

FAQ's Related To YouTube Title & Description Extractor

YouTube videos are no longer about the quality of content only. To grow your YouTube channel, you need to go one step ahead and optimize your YouTube Title and Description. YouTube Title and Description by Y2-Mate.org, is a tool to see what titles and descriptions your competitors are using. If you've noticed your competitor getting more views, you should check their titles and descriptions through this tool. It can be used as a basis to make titles and descriptions that perform better.

The tool operates seamlessly by using YouTube API to its fullest potential. Here's how you can use this tool.

  • Video URL: Copy the URL of the video that you want to find. Now, paste the link on the search bar.
  • Extract: Tap on extract, and API will extract the title and description of the relevant YouTube video.
  • View Results: That's how you can extract the title and description of any YouTube video.

Suppose you're a YouTube content creator who wants to take your digital content creation to the next level. This tool is a must-have for you. You can dissect titles and descriptions of various successful YouTube channels in your niche. As a creator, you can gain valuable insights into what your audience likes, trending topics, and what works better. Use this data to fine-tune your own video titles and descriptions. It maximizes your engagement and reach on YouTube.

Yes. By using Y2-Mate.org's YouTube Title and Description tool, you can save time and money. SEO can boost your video and boost your search results. After extracting the titles and descriptions of successful YouTube videos, you should create your own video titles and descriptions. It's a great way to eliminate all the guesswork and get in the eyes of your audience.

Y2-Mate.org's YouTube Title & Description Extractor = Better Results + More audience + Improved YouTube search ranking.

The short answer to this is No. To be more precise the tool is designed to extract data from videos that are accessible to the general public only. Y2-Mate.org abides by all YouTube guidelines. Extracting private videos is against YouTube's privacy and security guidelines.

Now, YouTube allows you to edit and even change the title and description of your YouTube video easily. Even if you've already published a video on YouTube, doing this is completely possible. Here's what you need to do.


  • Login to your YouTube studio channel.
  • Tap on Content, which is available on the left side menu.
  • Click on the video that you want to edit. On the right side, you'll see a pencil-shaped icon.
  • Tap on it or your video title and description to update it.
  • After making all the necessary edits, click on Save.

Writing catchy titles and descriptions is easy with this tool. It'll help your content shine on the platform. By streamlining the title and description process, you can increase efficiency. You can find trending keywords in the industry when you extract the titles and descriptions. It gives you a competitive edge in the industry. The insightful data of competitors is further used to take your YouTube content strategy to the next level.

Disclaimer — At Y2-Mate.Org, we do not host any pirated or copyright content. All content that you will download from our tool will come from third-party CDN servers. This tool is not associated with YouTube.